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It's such a pain when your computer or mobile device starts acting up. Now you just have to go and buy yourself a new one and that's not going to be cheap. Time to throw the old one in the trash.
Don't fall into this trap!
There are companies that make their devices fairly simple to repair, and for the ones who don't there are organizations out there seeking to make it simpler for you. Don't toss your device at the first sign of trouble, take it to a computer repair specialist first. And if it turns out that you need a new device, don't throw your old one in the trash! That is BAD for the environment. When it comes to it, look for places near you to recycle your electronic-waste.

Recycling your electronic waste is important. Make the pledge to properly dispose of your electronics below!

For recycling and repair recommendations near you, click on the recycing bin or computer devices in the images below.

computers on side of road by recycle bin Computer equipment recycle bin